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May 21 2017

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Byliśmy jesteśmy będziemy #geocaching (w: Torun, Poland)

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Orzeł bez korony #nofilter

May 18 2017

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#enigma (w: Szamotuły)

May 02 2017

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April 15 2017

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#cheers #piwo #gloger

March 22 2017

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Życie przy granicy #highlife #jinling (w: Trzy Lipy, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship)

March 05 2017

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#mojpierwszyraz #dejmu #jz (w: Zbrachlin)

February 22 2017

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February 21 2017

Sasza dawaj #highlife #cheers #ruskiszampan (w: Smetowo, Gdansk, Poland)

February 19 2017

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Lawa #nofilter

February 16 2017

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Lokalne cuda #browarjabłonowo #piwo #beer #więcejjabłonowości

February 14 2017

January 24 2017

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#ajak #najak #gramy (w: Kolbudy)

December 20 2016

DIE ANTWOORD - FAT FADED FUCK FACE (Official Video) from Die Antwoord Official on Vimeo.


Directed by
¥o-landi Vi$$er

Art Directed by
Ninja and Roger Ballen

Cinematography by
Alexis Zabe
Ross Garrett
Ben Crossman
Joe Passarelli

Additional cinematography by Ninja

Edited by
¥o-landi Vi$$er

Music by
The Black Goat

The Black Goat
Boojie B
Lil 2Hood
Lil Naaier
Boom Boom
Gala Nikolic
Remy Fox
Masha Rudenko
Irina Kazakova
Ratchet Riot
Maria Forque
Sam Upton
Jack Black
Saki Fokken Bergh
Lupus Yonderboy
Nigga God
Sharky the darkling

SFX by
Jason Hamer

Make-up by
Anthony H. Nguyen
Mažena Pukšto

Textural art by
Ben Crossman

Titles by

Special thanks to Sam Kingston

All rights reserved

New album ‘MOUNT NINJI AND DA NICE TIME KID’ out now! Get it here: dieantwoord.lnk.to/mountninjiYD. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: smarturl.it/dieantwoordyoutube & Spotify: smarturl.it/dieantwoord_spotify.

ON TOUR: dieantwoord.com/

Follow DA on:
Facebook: smarturl.it/da_facebook
Instagram: smarturl.it/da_instagram
Twitter: smarturl.it/da_twitter

December 17 2016

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Smok a.k.a. Mario #mario #nintendo #smok (w: Vegas)

December 15 2016

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Gocemos, a la salud de los Difuntos! #calavera #calaveras #catrina #lacatrina #eldiademuertos #bic #biclighter #lighter

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